• rules_regulations

    Your Student ID is your Library Membership Card. Library users are compelled to carry with them their APIIT Student ID in order to gain entry to the library. Students who fail to do so will not be allowed to enter the library.

    Library membership is not transferable. A member should not allow his/her Student ID Card to be used by another individual. Any attempt to borrow books with another member's card will result in the card being confiscated. Disciplinary action will also be taken against the students concerned.

    Library and Administrative staff must be notified if a Student ID Card is lost or stolen. A Member will be fully responsible for any consequences if this matter is left unreported.

    Members must immediately inform the library staff on duty of any change in their personal particulars.

  • Book Loans

    Each member can borrow only one copy of a book title, regardless of the edition.

    A member is not allowed to borrow a book on the same day that it is returned to the library. This is to ensure that other members have the opportunity to borrow the book.

    A member will need to ensure that the books he/she is about to borrow is in good condition and have not been scribbled upon. Damaged Books should be handed to the library staff member on duty. The library staff member will then take appropriate action to get the book repaired. Should you need the book very urgently, please ensure that details of the extent of the damage is noted on the date due slip before the book is issued on loan to you.

    The library member should ensure that the staff member on duty, stamps the due date on the date slip of the book prior to the member leaving the library.

  • Book Returns

    Books should be returned on or before the Due Date assigned. Fines are imposed on overdues.

    It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the books returned are processed by the Library Staff Member before he /she leaves the counter.

    Members returning books are strongly advised against leaving books at the counter without notifying the staff on duty.

    A member's account will be suspended if his/her fines are not settled. For details on fines, please refer to fine table.

  • Book Reservations

    Reservations may be placed on items which are out on loan. Each user is allowed to reserve a maximum of 3 items at a given time. "Books Ready for Collection" is notified by e-mail. The date for collection of a reserved book is merely an approximate date.

    Users are given a grace period of 3 days to collect their reservations. Books reserved will be assigned to the next user if a member fails to collect the reserved books within the grace period.

    Searching the Online Library Catalogue, Book Renewals/Reservations Off Campus could be done by logging into: http://webspace.apiit.lk/

    If you encounter any problems while trying to reserve online, you may have to inform the library immediately by forwarding a print screen of the page and e-mail to at least two staff members of the library team.

  • Library Briefings

    The library conducts Introductory Sessions on library resources, facilities, and services when new students are introduced. Should you miss these group sessions for some reason or other, do request for a personal introduction to the facilities from the library staff on duty.

  • Book Renewal

    Users are encouraged to do renewals online.

    Undergraduates are permitted one renewal only for Green and Yellow tagged books provided there are no reservations for the titles in question. Postgraduate students are allowed two renewals for yellow tagged books provided there are no reservations. (Please ensure that the due date is updated.)

    Users are required to return the books in case a reservation has been placed for books out on loan to them.

    Book renewals cannot be done via telephone or email.

    If you encounter any problems while trying to renew online, you may have to inform the library immediately by forwarding a print screen of the page and e-mail to at least two library team members and the book should be brought to the library.

  • Loans of CD-ROMS

    CD-ROMS that come as a supplement to books are available for a three day loan period.

    The borrower should ensure that the CD-ROMS are in good condition prior to borrowing. Borrowers are liable for any damage to CD- ROMS whilst in their possession